Soft & Hard Skillz In Action

In 2015 I had started with CMS Joomla on a shared hosting. The easy way... Yeah, right... Easy Peasy. Before your first time seen "your site is hacked by an angry arabian hacker". Aufgeben, Widerstand ist Zwecklos!

I could write here a lot of names of living and dead services and technologies, active and not maintained code libs, frameworks and npm packages I've worked with, but I won't do that. There are really a lot of them. ...and Linux, and bash, and a domain providers, that don't know, why your domain DNS records no more works, and about svg images with base64 png inside, and why Google blocked your account, and so on and so on... and... a shared hosting. But I'll write about “skillz” of a different nature.

Remember the time, when crypto has just explode? Coins, coins, coins... Mining with hard disk, mining with this, mining with that. Mine coins with your own electric kettle, microwave and refrigerator. Today, with IoT devices, this doesn’t sounds so funny. Wait before your first "Your refrigerator has been hacked by angry arabian hacker", Now Your Food is Mine! Ahmed Tsung is in charge here! Mortal IoT Kombat. And there was a Monero, your website users will mine coins for you, anonymous, secure. Well... ExploitAlert, come over here! I want to be a real arabian hacker! Found a victim with Google Search Operators, some kind of crooked website for a manufacturer of equipment for bakeries based in №1 coutry of total democracy. Builded with Joomla CMS. Easy-Peasy, right? Script tag in doubled base64 string, injected through template forms and decoded with php. Noob Saibot in the deal. I'll become rich! Make me rich, Monero, please! If the site had high traffic, I would probably already be a millionaire. No fate. The script hung on the site for quite a long time, about a year, until the site was completely redone and the leaky template was removed. And now... Long live to Binance!

Your AdWord account blocked, no way man, Google tells me... Well... I know where to buy a new one. Know the guy, who knows the guy, who knows... you know what I mean. And on a next day Facebook require an ID screenshot, so you can continue to run your ads... Hey guys, need a seller... 2k per day on ads... Where's my conversions, Facebook? -there's no conversions in Bangladesh. Clicks only, dude. ...No money, no honey for Bangladesh.

Hey, Sasha, my ads have no conversions, what's wrong, can you help? 7 AM. Let's see ...100mb background svg picture on your "sky-high conversion mobile landing page" for LATAM? Content doesn't even loads for mobile. What are you selling with this ads? A soviet submarines to drug dealers? And you have a .gif tutorial as a background about how to use it and not to die from an accidentally fired rocket?? Amigo, where did you get this landing page, it's a prepaid gift from a Pablo Escobar? Dangerous people do dangerous things, true.

Alarm! The website, it doesn't work anymore, we're fucked. All weekends, it was broken, all this time. Hi, are you are from Russia? If it is, you're fucked. Nobody don't want to deal with russians anymore. Previously there was an email from hosting provider: "Sneaky fucking communists, we won't works with you anymore. We don't need money, we need democracy in our pockets. And your server goes down after... now. Revenge for the scorched Berlin!". And that it. No servers, no ads, no honey for russians! No Twitter, no Facebook, no Tinder, no monetization, "no a lot", not a byte Use VK with Yandex and forget about insta girls. But what about World Wide Web? About access all the data in the world from any point, doesn't matter who you are? The Golden Age of the Internet is in the Past... Prepare your ID card. God bless the VPN.

New rules from Google Play... Again. We don't need you, we don't need your apps, we don't need your friends here. Enough, go away! We have a lot of apps already! We need money, not your indie games! Well... Remember "those guy"? And now I have a new friends, with an organization accounts so here we go again!

Advertising on TikTok? TikTok is from China? There is no money for the Chinese, they are not from the USA, there is no TikTok for the USA. No data - no money. Honey? Deport all the bees back to AliExpress!

Yep... shared hosting with CMS

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